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February 22, 2019 | Tom Udall, United States senator, wrote to express his strong concerns regarding the final rule by the Workers Compensation Program Office at the Department of Labor (DOL) in a February 22, 2019 letter addressed to
The Honorable Alexander Acosta, Secretary, U.S. DOL. Udall referenced claimant concerns about the new rules and asked for a repeal. He also noted that it appears that the new rules ignore specific recommendations by the DOL Advisory Board on Toxic Substance and Worker Health (the Advisory Board).

Udall found that the “The men and women who were exposed to radiation and toxic substances at our nation's nuclear facilities deserve to have their claims evaluated in a fair and equitable manner,” Udall said.

In 2015, and Advisory Board was formed to give advice to improve the program by ensuring that claims are adjudicated in fair and consistent manner and based on the best current medical and scientific knowledge.

However, Udall suggests that the new rules are more restrictive than the original statute. They make it even harder for claimants to receive seamless care when transitioning from inpatient to home care.

See Letter, Proposed Changes, Petition: Udall to Acosta Final Rules

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