EEOICPA Claim Denied: One Worker’s Death
February 18, 2019
EEIOCPA surviving children of energy employees
Coverage for Children of Energy Employees
March 19, 2019


February 22, 2019 | Tom Udall, United States senator, wrote to express his strong concerns regarding the final rule by the Workers Compensation Program Office at the Department of Labor (DOL) in a February 22, 2019 letter addressed to
The Honorable Alexander Acosta, Secretary, U.S. DOL. Udall referenced claimant concerns about the new rules and asked for a repeal. He also noted that it appears that the new rules ignore specific recommendations by the DOL Advisory Board on Toxic Substance and Worker Health (the Advisory Board).

Udall found that the “The men and women who were exposed to radiation and toxic substances at our nation's nuclear facilities deserve to have their claims evaluated in a fair and equitable manner,” Udall said.

In 2015, and Advisory Board was formed to give advice to improve the program by ensuring that claims are adjudicated in fair and consistent manner and based on the best current medical and scientific knowledge.

However, Udall suggests that the new rules are more restrictive than the original statute. They make it even harder for claimants to receive seamless care when transitioning from inpatient to home care.

See Letter, Proposed Changes, Petition: Udall to Acosta Final Rules


  1. I believe if someone became so sick from chemicals and was physically impaired enough for the individual to go on disability and never work in the workforce again, should be compensated! Imagine the amount of loss due to the physical damage! Not just money, no energy to play with their children, aches and pain and many other negative outcomes from the disability! I had just finished my after graduation schooling and then worked at Fernald. I worked there a year and one or two months, then went to work at the Red Cross and couldn’t do it! I was so physically tired, and forced my body to keep going, that I came down with Lupus! The bad kind! Kidney failure and heart failure are just a couple things that happen when you have this disease! Trust me it is very damaging! This is why I think anyone hurt in the whole nuclear making and cleanup, most definitely deserves compensation!

  2. i was diagnosed with thyroid cancer i worked in the two mills in Grants nm anaconda uranium mill and kerr mkee uranium mill and jackpile uranium mine in four different construction companies in 1974 tru 1980 i was involved in a demolition in 1976 i had to cut everything with tourch with out a respirator all pipes full off yellow cake and construction workers don’t have no safety rules..

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