EEOICPA & RECA Compensation & Corporate Litigation Firm

Stephens & Stephens is a Buffalo based law firm representing nuclear workers across the United States and manufacturers and other businesses in litigated and mediated environmental matters. Since 2001, the firms focus has been on the unique practice areas of EEOICPA and RECA compensation.

EEOICPA Compensation

In 2001, Congress passed the Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation Program Act (EEOICPA), to provide compensation to people who have developed certain illnesses as a result of exposure to radioactive and toxic substances while employed in atomic weapons programs. We provide EEOICPA claims assistance for those seeking compensation. If you, your parent, or your grandparent worked for a Department of Energy facility or an Atomic Weapons Employer (AWE) facility and has a condition or died related to exposure to radiation or a toxic substance, then you are eligible to apply for compensation under EEOICPA. Find out more about our EEOICPA program.

RECA Compensation

We also assist in RECA claims assistance. The Radiation Exposure Compensation Act (RECA) was enacted upon a Congressional finding that the United States should recognize and assume responsibility for the harm done to individuals who developed certain cancers and other diseases following employment in the uranium industry or following exposure to radiation released during atmospheric nuclear tests.  If you, your parent, or your grandparent worked as a uranium miller, miner, or transporter and developed a condition related to uranium exposure then you are eligible to apply for compensation under RECA’s program for uranium miners, millers, or transporters. Find out more about our RECA program.

Corporate Litigation Firm

Stephens & Stephens has proven its ability to successfully defend and prosecute litigation on behalf of potentially responsible party (PRP) groups through its representation of Fortune 50 corporations in connection with contaminated sites in Western, Central, and Northern New York State as well as New Jersey. The firm has extensive experience in environmental defense and environmental cost recovery prosecution. Stephens & Stephens also has significant experience with non-binding alternative dispute resolution (ADR) processes.

Our recent focus has been Superfund megasites and the unique issues raised by those sites, including sediment remediation, natural resource damage assessment, financial reporting of environmental liabilities, financial assurance requirements, and insurance issues.