The Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation Program Act was created in October 2000 to compensate certain types of workers. Specifically, workers who have suffered an injury or illness due to exposure to a dangerous chemical or radiation. These individuals may be eligible for compensation under this Act and many receive benefits with the help of a dedicated EEOICPA attorney.

Before you file a claim under EEOICPA, you need to understand whether or not you are eligible for these benefits. Claims related to EEOICPA can become quite complicated. This is why it is important to understand what benefits are available under EEOICPA.

Benefits Available Under EEOICPA

A wide range of benefits are available under EEOICPA. Most of these are related to medical treatment, home health care, and other benefits to serve the injured or ill. Here is a look at the key benefits you can seek under an EEOICPA claim.

Medical Benefits

If you qualify as an EEOICPA beneficiary, you are able to receive free medical treatment for your related illnesses. However, you will need to locate a doctor who participates in the EEOICPA program to receive this free medical care.

In addition to the medical treatment at a hospital or another medical facility, you are also eligible for in-home care under EEOICPA. If you are found eligible, you can hire a nurse to provide the care you need in your own home. You can also have a family member or close person trained and hired as your caregiver, complete with hourly wages paid under EEOICPA.

Home Modifications and EEOICPA

Illnesses caused by toxic chemicals or radiation can create many handicaps. If you have to modify your home or vehicle to accommodate these handicaps, your costs are covered under EEOICPA.

Medical Alert System

In the case of more severe illnesses, you may need a medical alert system. Such a system allows you to seek urgent medical attention by pressing a button. If you suffer a fall resulting in injuries or suffer chest pain, you can use the alert system to receive attention without delay. EEOICPA covers the costs of installing such an alert system.

Other Benefits

You may also be eligible for other benefits if you qualify as an EEOICPA beneficiary. These additional benefits include coverage for health facility memberships, vehicle purchases, special exercise equipment, and any psychiatric or chiropractic service you may need for your medical condition.

How Can an EEOICPA Lawyer Help?

Before you file an EEOICPA claim, consult a qualified lawyer from Stephens & Stephens who has extensive experience in representing workers pursuing EEOICPA claims. Our lawyers help you understand what benefits are available to you and will fight to obtain them for you. Schedule your free consultation by calling 716-852-7590 or by filling out the contact form online.