The EEOICPA was passed in 2000. It provides compensation to workers who became ill as a result of their employment manufacturing nuclear weapons in the USA, as well as their spouses, children, and grandchildren. Oak Ridge Gaseous Diffusion Plant (K-25) EEOICPA coverage is available for qualified former Workers and their families.

Are you eligible for compensation? If you or a family member worked at this or another DOE facility and became ill, you may be entitled to compensation of up to $400K plus medical benefits. Call EEOICPA Counsel Hugh Stephens at 1-855-548-4494 or fill out our free claim evaluation, We can help even if you’ve already filed, even if your claim was denied!

Here, we have compiled publicly available information and documentation about the facilities covered by the Act to clarify how their activities relate to the Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation Program Act.

Oak Ridge Gaseous Diffusion Plant (K-25)

Also Known As: East Tennessee Technology Park (ETTP)
State: Tennessee
Location: Oak Ridge
Time Period: 1943-1987; 1988-present (remediation)
Facility Type: Department of Energy

Facility Description: The K-25 gaseous diffusion plant was built as part of the World War II Manhattan Project to supply enriched uranium for nuclear weapons production. Construction of K-25 started in 1943. It was the first diffusion facility for large-scale separation of uranium-235. It became was fully operable by August 1945. Additional buildings involved in the enrichment process were operable by 1956. Along with the plants in Paducah, KY, and Portsmouth, OH, the site was used primarily for the production of highly-enriched uranium for nuclear weapons until 1964.

From 1959 to 1969, focus shifted to the production of commercial-grade, low-enriched uranium. In 1985, declining demand for enriched uranium caused the enrichment process to be placed on standby. In 1987, the process was stopped permanently.

The Oak Ridge Gaseous Diffusion Plant was also a host for centrifuge facilities constructed as part of a program to develop and demonstrate uranium-enrichment technology. These facilities have also been shut down.

Throughout the course of its operations, the potential for beryllium exposure existed at this site, due to beryllium use, residual contamination, and decontamination activities.

Since 1988, the primary DOE mission at K-25 has been remediation, though on-site DOE contractors and sub-contractors continue to provide on-site services which are covered under EEOICPA. Also during this time, DOE paid for the construction of the Toxic Substances Control Act. (TSCA) incinerator which disposed of certain regulated wastes, much of which originated at various DOE facilities. In 1997 the name of the facility was changed to the East Tennessee Technology Park (ETTP) to reflect its changing nature. However, during this period of remediation, the process of privatization of K-25 into the ETTP was ongoing. This privatization effort involved leasing portions of the premises out to private industry to conduct their own business there. These private businesses and their employees are not covered under the EEOICPA.

SITE-WIDE CONTRACTORS: URS/CH2M Oak Ridge LLC (UCOR)(2011-present); Bechtel Jacobs (1998–2011); Lockheed Martin Energy Systems, Inc. (1994-1998); Martin Marietta Energy Systems, Inc. (1984-1994); Union Carbide & Carbon Corp. (1943-1984).

TSCA INCINERATOR for design, construction and operation: constructed by DOE in 1984 under Martin Marietta Energy Systems (MMES) (1984- 1988); operated by Lockheed Martin Energy Systems (LMES) (1988 to 12/18/1997); BJC (12/18/1997-9/30/2011); UCOR D&D (2011-present).

REMEDIATION CONTRACTORS: BNFL (British Nuclear Fuels Limited) was the DOE prime contractor for the complete D&D of three buildings (8/25/1997-9/30/2004).

Oak Ridge Gaseous Diffusion Plant (K-25) is listed as a Department of Energy (DOE) site under the EEOICPA.

Special Exposure Cohort(SEC) Classes:
Gaseous Diffusion Plants–employees who worked at least 250 days before February 1, 1992, at a gaseous diffusion plant in Paducah, Kentucky; Portsmouth, Ohio; or Oak Ridge, Tennessee and who were or could have been monitored in those jobs using dosimetry badges

The SEC was established by The Act. The K-25 Site was one of the classes that Congress included when The Act was signed.

As of 08/30/2015, the total compensation paid under Parts B and E of the EEOICPA, including medical compensation, for workers suffering from the effects of having worked at the Oak Ridge Gaseous Diffusion Plant (K-25) is $1,387,295,167. Click here for a current accounting of compensation paid to former K-25 Workers under the EEOICPA.

Oak Ridge Gaseous Diffusion Plant (K-25) Workers:
If you or your parent worked at this or any other DOE or AWE facility and became ill, you may be entitled to compensation of up to $400K plus medical benefits from the US Department of Labor. Call EEOICPA Counsel Hugh Stephens at 1-855-EEOICPA (336-4272) or fill out the form to the right, whether or not you have already filed a claim and even if your claim has been accepted or denied.

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A brief history of K-25 prepared by the DOE can be seen below:

Along with a bit of the destruction of K-25:

Technical Basis Documents
Site Profile
K-25 Site – Introduction
Effective Date: 05/04/2006

K-25 Site – Site Description
Effective Date: 10/04/2006

Oak Ridge Gaseous Diffusion Plant (K-25) – Occupational Medical Dose
Effective Date: 03/28/2013

K 25 Site – Occupational Environmental Dose
Effective Date: 06/22/2007

K-25 Gaseous Diffusion Plant – Occupational Internal Dose
Effective Date: 10/04/2006

Technical Basis Document for the K-25 Site – Occupational External Dose
Effective Date: 09/26/2006

Technical Information Bulletins
External Coworker Dosimetry Data for the K-25 Site
Effective Date: 11/15/2006, Revision: 00 PC-2

Internal Dosimetry Coworker Data for K-25
Effective Date: 07/21/2006, Revision: 00 PC-1

October 2016

April 2013

October 2012 Update

K-25 Gaseous Diffusion Plant Site Profile Review
May 2007

External Exposure to Technetium-99 at the Gaseous Diffusion Plants
Effective Date: 02/07/2012