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Stephens & Stephens has obtained over $60 million through the Radiation Exposure Compensation Act and the Energy Employees Occupation Illness Compensation Act for our clients

Gloria ReynoldsGloria Reynolds
04:16 30 Mar 24
Stephens & Stephens was very helpful in getting my claim processed and helping me in getting my settlement, staff was knowledgeable and professional and very kind if I call and needed to ask a question they would call me back within a timely manner. Thank you so much for your help .Continue to be blessed Gloria
Dee GodfreyDee Godfrey
18:49 12 Mar 24
I was astounded with the service I received from Mr. Hugh Stephens in regard to my husband's compensation claim. He was not only efficient, but also compassionate, and communicated clearly and frequently. Because of his outstanding efforts and expertise, I, who am now a grieving widow, am unexpectedly stabile and secure. I had little to do. He did all the heavy lifting. I'm so very grateful for his help. I'll always remember not only his professionalism, but also his kindness.
Audrey OgletreeAudrey Ogletree
22:19 09 Mar 24
From: Laurence OgletreeI received good assistance from Stephens & Stephens in submitting the recent claim for increased impairment benefits from the Energy Workers program.
Randy MooreRandy Moore
14:48 07 Mar 24
I was a machinist at Honeywell F.M.&T.and developed bilateral tinnitus and bilateral sensorineural hearing loss. They helped me file a claim with EEOICPA in 2017. Stephen’s & Stephen’s was very good to work with, they take care of all the paperwork and help with any paperwork I receive from the Department of Labor. They stay on top of things helping with scheduling impairment reviews etc.I feel that without their help this would have been a very overwhelming process.I plan on still using them if any other illnesses occur due to my employment with Honeywell.
Mike DauzatMike Dauzat
15:54 02 Mar 24
I highly recommend Stevens and Stevens. Hugh Stevens and his staff are very professional and very friendly. They're extremely good at making sure you get the full amount of money you deserve. If you need a DOL lawyer, I highly recommend this team. I can't be more happy that I picked Stevens and Stevens.
Mary YbarraMary Ybarra
01:33 27 Feb 24
Stephen’s and Stephen’s has kept fight for my dad. Now they are fight for my mom. They are on top of things and I would recommend them to anyone who needs help and guidance with the Uranium mines.
Dianne HarperDianne Harper
01:02 17 Feb 24
Robert and I are very pleased with Mr. Hugh Stephens and all that he has done for us. From the first moment we spoke, we sensed that though Mr. Stephens exhibits sharp business acumen, he cares deeply about his clients and he has a huge heart.
Diane pontonDiane ponton
17:38 07 Feb 24
I tried to get others to help me with this claim, and it wasn"t until I hired Mr. Stephens that things started happening. I would recommend any one to get in touch with him . I would go to him again, if i ever needed to.
Judy LeonardJudy Leonard
22:26 06 Feb 24
I very much appreciate the successful litigation concerning my husband's Hanford work related illness. Stephens & Stephens LLP were thorough, caring, considerate, and fair during this difficult time.
Kenneth GKenneth G
18:23 03 Feb 24
Mr. Stephens was able to simplify an otherwise complicated lengthy process (DEEOIC) to file an initial claim as well as a claim for impairment benefits.
18:08 03 Feb 24
Frankie KnucFrankie Knuc
19:24 08 Jan 24
I had other attorneys hired in Cortez, Colorado and Grand Jct., Colorado to assist me with receiving my uranium claim, but they were not successful. I was advised by an employee of CNS of Stephens & Stephens, LLP good work. I contacted them & they took my case It was settled very quickly. I have been very pleased with this group & would advise others of their prompt service. I would recommend them to others. Respectfully, Frankie Knuckles
Rebecca ConsolRebecca Consol
19:57 22 Dec 23
My family used Stephen’s and Stephen’s for a settlement case. We were extremely pleased with all they did. They were very professional, easy to get a hold of, and invaluable when it came to answering questions and handling complicated Department of Labor issues and forms. They also did everything in a very timely manner. I have already recommended them to other people.
Thomas CliffordThomas Clifford
15:29 21 Dec 23
I have been represented by Hugh Stevens for several years now, He and his staff has made everything so easy for me. I had lung cancer from working in the uranium processing industry, they have opened so many doors for me and made dealing with DOL so much easier. They always answer my questions in a very timely manner. I have referred several other people to him and he has been able to get them through this process also. There are benefits that I was not aware of that he has brought to my attention and been able to lead me through the process of obtaining them. I would most highly recommend him to lead anyone through this process.
Lonnie killingHawkLonnie killingHawk
02:35 14 Dec 23
When I first contacted Stephens & Stephens I was at the end of my rope with DOL. Hough and his staff got me on track and handled everything with DOL and just made this process so easy. Do not know where I'd be with out them. They are able to communicate at a layman's level and understand the client. Would strongly recommend this firm.
Ruthy LyonRuthy Lyon
21:00 28 Sep 23
Our initial conversation with Mr. Stephens was productive & reassuring. His previous experience with similar cases was obvious and very helpful, in both asking us specific questions for clarification & also addressing our own questions. Breanna is also a great asset to their team.
James O'DayJames O'Day
15:07 13 Sep 23
I have referred several friends to Hugh Stephens and they were more satisfied than they ever expected. I would refer him with confidence to anyone in need. I trust when he speaks for me, for example, in court. He is a good communicator and a deep thinker. He is well respected in his profession. He handles environmental law, injury law, and medical malpractice. He is tactful and direct and knows what he is doing. He knows the legal briar patches well.

Toxic Tort

Toxic Tort Litigation

In the past, toxic tort litigation typically pitted individual plaintiffs with their small and ill-financed attorneys against large and well-financed corporate defendants. All too often, the plaintiffs’ small firms found themselves unable to bear the costs associated with hiring experts and preparing for trial. In the novel A Civil Action, Jonathan Harr chronicles the mythic legal battle between the rich, evil corporation and the poor, helpless plaintiffs with their highly leveraged attorneys, committed to doing right no matter what the cost.

What is a Toxic Tort Case?

Today, a new and less-publicized genre of toxic tort case has evolved and arguably leveled the toxic tort playing field. The complaint that a deserving plaintiff has been denied relief because of a well-financed corporate defense is theoretically no more common than the complaint that undeserving plaintiffs and their attorneys have caused defendant corporations to settle with plaintiffs for large sums, not based upon any real fear of an adverse outcome, but merely to avoid the high costs of preparation for trial and especially of discovery, which involves costs measurable not only in dollars but also in business disruption and negative publicity. Law firms are building their resources upon multimillion-dollar settlements of asbestos and tobacco suits. The movie Erin Brockovich recounts the famous story of the largest settlement ever paid in a direct-action lawsuit in United States history: $333 million, paid by Pacific Gas & Electric to settle a case involving injuries allegedly resulting from exposure to hexavalent chromium. These plaintiffs’ attorneys may travel by private jet and give little thought to a seven- or eight-figure investment in personal injury litigation.

Stephens & Stephens Toxic Tort Lawyers

The attorneys at Stephens & Stephens have helped corporations faced with the prospect of toxic tort litigation, and have helped to resolve toxic tort cases while minimizing and at times avoiding the often significant costs associated with litigation and settlement. In recognition of the potential for groups of plaintiffs with weak cases to extract large and undeserved settlements, courts have begun to require toxic tort plaintiffs to show proof, in admissible form, of exposure pathways and of causation of an actual injury. Proof of causation is very difficult in toxic tort actions, and the Daubert motion challenging the science supporting the cause of action can bring litigation to a screeching halt. Sometimes, statute of limitations defenses may be developed through simple discovery techniques which reveal that a plaintiff knew or should have known of an asserted injury long ago. Where numerous plaintiffs file one action, each plaintiff with damages unrelated to those of the other plaintiffs can be required to file a separate action, pay separate filing fees, and have his or her action tried separately from the others. Even the inconvenience of a few hundred dollars is enough to deter some plaintiffs from filing or continuing an action. The new federal class action legislation is an important development for toxic tort litigation, and will likely prevent many claims from being filed in otherwise plaintiff-friendly state courts.

Need Help Filing an EEOICPA Claim?

The old toxic tort paradigm involved corporations represented by large firms and plaintiffs represented by small firms. Stephens & Stephens is part of a shift by large cost conscious corporations toward representation by small well-qualified firms. This shift, while originally driven by cost concerns, endures today not because firms like Stephens & Stephens are cheaper, but because they understand the problems of today’s corporations and are better able to handle complex toxic tort litigation consistent with corporate priorities and goals.

If you need help filing a claim from professional toxic tort attorneys, feel free to fill out our free claim evaluation form, or contact us directly.