Working with nuclear energy is risky—you know firsthand about the illnesses and cancers that exposure to nuclear radiation can cause. You were employed by an atomic weapons employer (AWE), and now you’re suffering for it. 

The lawyers at Stephens & Stephens are here to help you get compensated under the Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation Act (EEOICPA). If you worked for an AWE and you believe your current conditions are the fault of your job, speak with an EEOICPA lawyer about your claim and how we can help.

What Facilities Are Covered by the EEOICPA? 

When Congress passed the EEOICPA, it did so to compensate workers impacted by nuclear radiation and toxic substances. Hundreds of specific facilities are covered under the EEOICPA, and if you worked for one of these facilities, you may be eligible for compensation under this act. 

Eligibility for EEOICPA Coverage 

You may know you’re sick, but you may be unsure whether you’re eligible for compensation under the EEOICPA. Many energy workers may be eligible for compensation if they were working for a facility when weapons were being produced, or where residual contamination from this production was possible. 

Eligibility may also be impacted by who your employer was. For example, those working with the U.S. Naval Nuclear Propulsion Program may not be eligible under the EEOICPA. Many employees working with the Department of Defense may have a difficult time getting compensated or may be impacted by different laws. Because of this, you may need to speak with a lawyer about your eligibility when you fall ill. 

Burden of Proof for AWE Claims

But just because you’re eligible doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed compensation, even if you’ve suffered devastating illnesses. Workers seeking compensation through the EEOICPA still must prove their condition came from their time working for producers of atomic weapons. 

That evidence may include being examined by a panel of physicians. These doctors will review your illness and determine whether your condition meets the criteria for compensation under this act. If you meet the criteria, you may receive compensation for it. 

But some cases may not be so clear and easy to settle. If there’s a dispute about your condition, or if you’re denied compensation, your lawyer can review the details of your denial and help you re-submit your claim for reconsideration. 

Seek Help from an EEOICPA Lawyer 

If you worked with radioactive materials and have a related illness, you may have grounds for compensation under the EEOICPA. But getting compensated for your suffering and your family’s suffering may be tough. That’s especially true if your atomic weapons employer doesn’t make it clear whether you’re an employee or a contract worker, or if you have issues gathering the required documentation. 

Your lawyer at Stephens & Stephens is here to make that easier. If you’re struggling to get compensated for your illness related to your employment, we can help you prepare your legal documents and prove you’re due compensation. Ready to act now? Reach out for a free consultation by calling 716-852-7590 or by filling out the online contact form below.