The EEOICPA was passed in 2000. It provides compensation to workers who became ill as a result of their employment manufacturing nuclear weapons in the USA, as well as their spouses, children, and grandchildren. Carboloy Co. EEOICPA coverage is available for qualified former Workers and their families.

Are you eligible for compensation? If you or a family member worked at this or another AWE facility and became ill, you may be entitled to compensation of up to $150K plus medical benefits. Call EEOICPA Counsel Hugh Stephens at 1-855-548-4494 or fill out our free claim evaluation, We can help even if you’ve already filed, even if your claim was denied!

Here, we have compiled publicly available information and documentation about the facilities covered by the Act to clarify how their activities relate to the Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation Program Act.

Carboloy Co.

Also Known As: General Electric Metallurgical Products Department
State: Michigan
Location: Detroit
Time Period: 1956
Facility Type: Atomic Weapons Employer

Facility Description: In 1956, the Carboloy Company conducted operations to turn down the outer diameter of uranium slugs.

Activities conducted related to weapons development, specifically the downsizing of uranium slugs, were performed on June 26-29, 1956. Documents state that the facility was decontaminated on the last of the four days. Later in the same year, General Electric applied for a Special Nuclear Material License from the AEC, to receive and process uranium dioxide for conversion into solid fuel pellets associated with commercial boiling water reactor development. General Electric subsequently notified the AEC that commercial applications associated with the license had ceased and requested termination of the license in 1958. Detailed documentation was available for review demonstrating existence of a comprehensive site radiological control program which would have ensured that the weapons development work did not lead to residual contamination dispersed amongst commercial-purpose contamination. This is further evidenced by a radiological survey performed in 1982 by the NRC, verifying the decontamination and removal of equipment, whereupon all radiological conditions were at background levels and no residual contamination was identified.

Sources of information reviewed during this evaluation included:
; DOE Office of Health, Safety and Security
; Trip Report to Carboloy Company, June 29, 1956
; US NRC Inspection of Carboloy, June 8, 1982

Documentation available indicates that there is little potential for significant residual contamination outside of the period in which weapons-related production occurred.

Carboloy Co. is listed as an Atomic Weapons Employer (AWE) site under the EEOICPA.

As of 03/15/2015, the total compensation paid under Part B of the EEOICPA, including medical compensation, for workers suffering from the effects of having worked at Carboloy Co. is $0.

Carboloy Co. Workers:
If you or your parent worked at this or any other AWE facility and became ill, you may be entitled to compensation of up to $150K plus medical benefits from the US Department of Labor. Call EEOICPA Counsel Hugh Stephens at 1-855-EEOICPA (336-4272) or fill out the form to the right, whether or not you have already filed a claim, and even if your claim has been accepted or denied.

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