The EEOICPA was passed in 2000. It provides compensation to workers who became ill as a result of their employment manufacturing nuclear weapons in the USA, as well as their spouses, children, and grandchildren. Carborundum Company EEOICPA coverage is available for qualified former Workers and their families.

Are you eligible for compensation? If you or a family member worked at this or another AWE facility and became ill, you may be entitled to compensation of up to $150K plus medical benefits. Call EEOICPA Counsel Hugh Stephens at 1-855-548-4494 or fill out our free claim evaluation, We can help even if you’ve already filed, even if your claim was denied!

Here, we have compiled publicly available information and documentation about the facilities covered by the Act to clarify how their activities relate to the Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation Program Act.

Carborundum Company

State: New York
Location: Niagara Falls
Time Period: AWE 1943-1944; 1959-1967,; Residual Radiation 1945-1958; 1968-1992
Facility Type: Atomic Weapons Employer

Facility Description: In 1943 and 1944 the Carborundum Company at its Globar Plant and Buffalo Avenue locations was engaged in various phases of Manhattan Engineer District (MED) programs to determine suitable methods for engineering and shaping uranium rods. This work also involved the forming, coating, and canning of uranium rods for the MED pile. From 1959 through 1967, the company used powder fabrication techniques to manufacture uranium, plutonium, and carbide pellets for an AEC research program. The Hanford facility supplied Carborundum with materials during that period.

Carborundum also performed work during the 1950s that is not covered under EEOICPA, including fabricating nuclear fuel elements for commercial purposes and producing zirconium, hafnium, and titanium for AEC’s special reactor materials program.

During the period of residual contamination, as designated by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health and as noted in the dates above, employees of subsequent owners and operators of this facility are also covered under EEOICPA.

Carborundum Company is listed as an Atomic Weapons Employer (AWE) site and as a Department of Energy (DOE) site under the EEOICPA.

As of 03/15/2015, the total compensation paid under Part B of the EEOICPA, including medical compensation, for workers suffering from the effects of having worked at Carborundum Company is $5,918,552.

Carborundum Company Workers:
If you or your parent worked at this or any other AWE facility and became ill, you may be entitled to compensation of up to $150K plus medical benefits from the US Department of Labor. Call EEOICPA Counsel Hugh Stephens at 1-855-EEOICPA (336-4272) or fill out the form to the right, whether or not you have already filed a claim, and even if your claim has been accepted or denied.

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