The EEOICPA was passed in 2000. It provides compensation to workers who became ill as a result of their employment manufacturing nuclear weapons in the USA, as well as their spouses, children, and grandchildren. Project Faultless Nuclear Explosion Site EEOICPA coverage is available for qualified former Workers and their families.

Are you eligible for compensation? If you or a family member worked at this or another DOE facility and became ill, you may be entitled to compensation of up to $400K plus medical benefits. Call EEOICPA Counsel Hugh Stephens at 1-855-548-4494 or fill out our free claim evaluation, We can help even if you’ve already filed, even if your claim was denied!

Here, we have compiled publicly available information and documentation about the facilities covered by the Act to clarify how their activities relate to the Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation Program Act.

Project Faultless Nuclear Explosion Site

State: Nevada
Location: Central Nevada Test Site
Time Period: 1967-1974
Facility Type: Department of Energy

Facility Description: Project Faultless was an underground nuclear test explosion conducted at the Central Nevada Test Site, which was part of a program designed to improve the United States’ ability to detect, identify,and locate underground nuclear explosions. The Faultless test was conducted to determine the suitability of the area for additional seismic testing. Non- nuclear experiments designed to determine the behavior of seismic waves were also conducted in the vicinity.

Drilling for this project began July 1967; the operation period began on November 27, 1967. The shot was fired on January 19, 1968. On December 9, 1979, the site was placed in caretaker status and demobilization and restoration work was conducted during fiscal 1974.

*The Faultless event was the detonation of a nuclear device of intermediate yield at 1015:076 hours Pacific Standard Time on January 19, 1968, in Hot Creek Valley, Nye County, Nevada. The responsibility of the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission, now assumed by the U.S. Department of Energy, was to determine the suitability of using sites in Hot Creek Valley in central Nevada for underground testing of nuclear devices of greater yield than possible at the Nevada Test Site because of potential adverse seismic effects at Las Vegas, Nevada. Investigations by U.S. Geological Survey described in this report were performed under Interagency Agreement DE-AI08-76DP00474.

Project Faultless Nuclear Explosion Site is listed as a Department of Energy (DOE) site under the EEOICPA.

As of 005/10/2015, the total compensation paid under Parts B and E of the EEOICPA, including medical compensation, for workers suffering from the effects of having worked at the Project Faultless Nuclear Explosion Site is $3,857,249.