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Congress passed the Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation Program Act (EEOICPA), effective July 1, 2001, to provide compensation to workers and their survivors who have developed certain illnesses as a result of exposure to radioactive and toxic substances while employed by the Department of Energy or one of its contractors or subcontractors in the nuclear weapons industry. Many workers were exposed to radiation and other illnesses while engaged in the manufacture and testing of atomic weapons or in the handling of wastes generated during their production.

  • Stephens & Stephens provides Free Claim Evaluations for anyone who thinks they may be eligible.
  • The total compensation available to claimants and their survivors is between $150,000 and $400,000.
  • The claim for compensation is made to the Department of Labor.
  • There is no lawsuit.

This page will serve as our central repository for all primary source documents concerning the EEOICPA, as well as quick links to other useful information concerning the Act on this site.

Free Medical Screenings

The Building Trades National Medical Screening Program (BTMed) offers free medical screenings for former workers who did construction work at DOE sites. These screenings are designed to spot illnesses that may be related to DOE work. To see the list of sites and find out if you are eligible for a free medical screening, visit


The Act, Procedures & Decisions

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Dose Reconstruction

DEEOIC Claims Forms

EE-1 – Employee’s Claim form
EE-2 – Survivor’s Claim Form
EE-3 – Employment History
EE-4 – Employment History Affadavit
EE-7 – Medical requirements
EE-8 – Smoking History Request Form
EE/EN-9 – Racial/Ethnic Identification
EE-10 – Claim for Additional Wage-Loss and/or Impairment Benefits
EE-11a – Impairment Benefits Response Form
EE-11b – Wage-Loss Benefits Response Form
EE/EN-12 – Medical Benefits Eligibility Questionnaire
EE/EN-16 – Tort suits against Beryllium Vendors, Third Party Settlements, State Workers’ Compensation, and Fraud Questionnaire
OCAS-1 Claimant Statement that NIOSH has been provided with All Information That Claimant Possesses
OWCP-1500 – Physician/Provider Billing Form
OWCP-915 – Reimbursement for out-of-pocket medical expenses
OWCP-04 – Uniform Billing Form for Medical Services
OWCP-957 – Medical Travel Refund Request

Other Documents

NIOSH & Related Worksite Documents