The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH)

EEOICPA Covered Facilities – Work Site Documentation:

Below is an alphabetical list of nuclear weapons manufacturing facilities covered by the EEOICPA for which NIOSH has provided Site Profiles and Technical Basis Documents(TBDs) that describe the Department of Energy’s activities of that work site with links to those documents. Documentation for certain Facilities where Special Exposure Cohort(SEC) petitions have been filed may also contain Petition Evaluation Reports(PERs)

  • * An asterisk(*) at the end of a link indicates that Special Exposure Cohort(SEC) Petition Evaluation Reports(PERs) are available at for that work site.
  • ~ A tilda(~) indicates that TBDs are available at the link.
  • *~ Both markers indicate that both TBDs and PERs are available.
  • & An ampersand indicates available NIOSH reviews by S. Cohen & Associates(SC&A).

Facilities with Special Exposure Cohort(SEC) classes appear in bold.

Aliquippa Forge ~

Allegheny-Ludlum Steel ~

Allied Chemical Corporation *~&

Aluminum Company of America (Alcoa)–New Jersey ~

Aluminum Company of America (Alcoa)–Pennsylvania ~

American Chain and Cable Company ~

Ames Laboratory *~&

Anaconda Company ~

Area IV of the Santa Susana Field Laboratory (formerly listed as ETEC) *&

Argonne National Laboratory–East ~&

Argonne National Laboratory–West *~

Baker Brothers *

Baker-Perkins Co. (Michigan) *~&

Battelle Laboratories – King Avenue *~

Battelle Laboratories – West Jefferson *~

Bethlehem Steel Company *~&

Birdsboro Steel & Foundry ~

Bliss & Laughlin Steel *~

Blockson Chemical Company (Building 55 and Related Activities) *~

Bridgeport Brass Company ~

Brookhaven National Laboratory *~&

BWX Technologies, Inc. (Virginia) *

Canoga Avenue Facility *~

Carborundum Company *&

Chapman Valve *~

Clarksville Modification Center (formerly known as Clarksville Facility) *~

Clinton Engineer Works (CEW) *

Combustion Engineering *

Connecticut Aircraft Nuclear Engine Laboratory (CANEL) *

Copperweld Steel Co. ~

Dana Heavy Water Plant &

De Soto Avenue Facility *

Dow Chemical Company (California) *

Dow Chemical Corporation *

Downey Facility *

DuPont Deepwater Works &

Electro Metallurgical Company *&

Extrusion Plant (Reactive Metals Inc.) ~

Feed Materials Production Center (FMPC) *&

General Atomics *

General Electric Company (Ohio) *

General Steel Industries *&

Grand Junction Facilities (Grand Junction Operations Office) *

Hanford *

Hangar 481 *

Harshaw Chemical Company *

Heald Machine Company ~

Hood Building *

Hooker Electrochemical *&

Horizons, Inc. *

Huntington Pilot Plant ~&

Idaho National Laboratory *

International Minerals and Chemical Corporation ~

Iowa Ordnance Plant (IOP) *&

Jessop Steel Company ~

Joslyn Manufacturing and Supply Co. *&

K-25 (Oak Ridge Gaseous Diffusion Plant) ~&

Kansas City Plant *~&

Kellex/Pierpont *

Lake Ontario Ordnance Works (LOOW) *

Landis Machine Tool Co. ~

LaPointe Machine & Tool Co. ~

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) *~&

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) *~

Linde Ceramics Plant (including Tonawanda Laboratory) *~&

Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) *~&

Mallinckrodt Chemical Co., Destrehan St. Plant *~&

Medina Modification Center (formerly known as Medina Facility) *~

Metallurgical Laboratory *&

Metals and Controls Corp. *

Mitts & Merrel Co. ~

Monsanto Chemical Company *

Mound Plant *~&

Nevada Test Site *~

Norton Co. *&

Nuclear Materials and Equipment Corp. (NUMEC)–Apollo *~&

Nuclear Materials and Equipment Corp. (NUMEC)–Parks Township *~&

Nuclear Metals, Inc. *~

Oak Ridge Gaseous Diffusion Plant (K-25 Site) ~&

Oak Ridge Hospital *

Oak Ridge Institute for Science Education (ORISE) *

Oak Ridge National Laboratory-X-10 (ORNL) *~&

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) ~

Pacific Proving Grounds *~&

Paducah Gaseous Diffusion Plant ~&

Pantex Plant *~&

Pinellas Plant ~&

Piqua Organic Moderated Reactor *&

Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion Plant ~&

Revere Copper and Brass *

Rocky Flats Plant *~&

S-50 Oak Ridge Thermal Diffusion Plant *~

SAM Laboratories, Columbia University(* PER linked but unavailable)

Sandia National Laboratories–Albuquerque, NM ~

Sandia National Laboratories–Livermore, CA *~

Savannah River Site *~&

Seymour Specialty Wire Company ~

Simonds Saw and Steel Co. *~

Spencer Chemical Co., Jayhawks Works *

St. Louis Airport Storage Site (SLAPS) *

Standard Oil Development Co. of NJ *

Stanford Linear Accelerator Center ~&

Superior Steel Co. ~

Tennessee Valley Authority ~

Texas City Chemicals, Inc. *

Titanium Alloys Manufacturing *

Tyson Valley Powder Farm *

U.S. Steel, National Tube Division ~

United Nuclear Corp. *~

University of Rochester Atomic Energy Project *

Ventron Corporation *

Vitro Manufacturing (Canonsburg) *

Wah Chang*

Weldon Spring Plant *~&

Westinghouse Atomic Power Development Plant *

Westinghouse Electric Corp. (New Jersey) *&

West Valley Demonstration Project ~

Winchester Engineering and Analytical Center *

W. R. Grace (Erwin, Tennessee) *~

W. R. Grace and Company (Curtis Bay, Maryland) *

X-10 (Oak Ridge National Laboratory) *~&

Y-12 Plant *~