EEOICPA Part E Covered Illnesses

Part E of the Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation Program Act (EEOICPA) provides for an impairment benefit to eligible energy employees and, in some cases, their surviving family members. 

Cash compensation and medical benefits could be yours if you succeed in filing a claim connecting your impairment and/or lost income as a result of an occupational illness brought on by exposure to toxic substances at a Department of Energy (DOE) facility. 

If you’ve developed a medical condition or suffered physical impairment due to your work as an energy employee, you deserve the right to have a compassionate and timely determination made about your possible compensation. Read below to learn more about EEOICPA Part E covered illnesses, and don’t hesitate to get help for your EEOICPA claim from Stephens & Stephens. 

Who Qualifies for Benefits Under Part E of EEOICPA?

According to the AMA, medical impairment is defined as the “loss, loss of use, or derangement of any body part, organ system, or organ function.” 

When you suffer a medical impairment or other condition as the result of coming into contact with radiation or toxic chemicals in your capacity as a DOE contractor or subcontractor, the consequences can be vast for both you and your family. 

Fortunately, cash compensation and the payment of medical expenses may be available for the following people who suffered a medical condition as the result of coming into contact with toxic substances:

Under Part E of the EEOICPA, toxic substances are taken to include things such as chemicals, solvents, acids, heavy metals, and other toxins beyond radiation. 

Many different types of medical conditions qualify for Part E compensation, including those covered under Part B. Medical conditions that cause impairment and inhibit the realization of activities of daily living (ADL) are prominent, including those impacting the respiratory, cardiovascular, nervous, and endocrine systems. 

One common example of a medical condition experienced by Part E claimants is chronic beryllium disease, which can worsen over time and leave you with debilitating symptoms. 

Unsure if your medical condition or impairment qualifies under Part E? Contact Stephens & Stephens for a free evaluation. 

Compensation Available Under Part E

The Department of Labor is responsible for executing benefits delivery to all eligible claimants. 

Some of the benefits that the department will cover before and after your impairment claim is processed include:

  • One impairment rating
  • All tests need to receive an impairment evaluation
  • Lost income and survivor benefits up to $250,000
  • Medical expenses and benefits (not counted toward the $250,000)

No one ever expects to have to sacrifice their health and well-being for their work. When exposure to radiation or other toxic chemicals changes you or a loved one’s life, consider learning whether or not you’re eligible for compensation. 

Are You Eligible? Speak with an EEOICPA Lawyer

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