Certain jobs may lead to exposure to dangerous materials, especially radioactive substances. Exposure to radiation can lead to devastating illnesses over time. Because of this, you may be due funds under the Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation Program Act, or EEOICPA. 

But are you covered? If you’re not sure your illness is covered, reach out to the EEOICPA lawyers at Stephens & Stephens. Your lawyer can help you determine whether you’re eligible for coverage for your illnesses. That means you and your family can focus on your health and future. 

Radiation-Induced Cancers

Radiation is known to cause many types of cancers, and these cancers may be covered under the EEOICPA. In some cases, you may have been part of a Special Exposure Cohort (SEC) facility. If you worked at certain worksites and suffered one of these twenty-two specific types of cancer, you may be eligible for benefits under this act. 

Unfortunately, suffering from any type of cancer does not automatically make you eligible under the EEOICPA Part B. These decisions are based on dose reconstruction if you didn’t work for an SEC facility. This process determines how much radiation you were exposed to during the time you worked for a nuclear facility. This amount can help doctors determine whether your cancer was likely caused by radiation. 


Certain jobs may also expose you to tiny particles of certain material. Miners in particular may be exposed to small particles of silica during the mining process. When breathed in, these particles can become embedded in the lungs, which can cause chronic breathing problems.

Silicosis is a serious condition, and it’s one that can impact your quality of life. If you now have chronic lung issues because of silicosis, your EEOICPA lawyer can help you get answers and seek funds for treatment. 

Beryllium Disease

Silica is not the only dangerous material that may be inhaled during mining. Beryllium is used in atomic energy work, but dust or fumes can have a scarring effect on the lungs. This can impact your ability to breathe and lead to chronic illness. 

Because of this, you may need the financial benefits the EEOICPA provides under Part B. These funds can change your life for the better, providing financial support as you seek care for your ongoing illnesses and support for your family while you’re unable to work. 

Need Help? Call an EEOICPA Lawyer for Answers 

If you’ve suffered a serious illness because of exposure to radiation or other toxic substances at work, you may be entitled to funds for your recovery and care. Those funds can make a big difference when you’re suffering from a severe illness. 

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