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by Patrick Dwyer

One of the EEOICPA requirements to verify employment (site presence) at any Department of Energy (DOE) facility is proof of a contract. The contract is between the affected workers’ employer and one of three entities—either the main contractor, a DOE facility subcontractor, or the DOE itself.

For instance, we represented someone who could not prove their employment at a DOE facility. They could not verify their site presence for remediation work performed at the Weldon Springs Plant (formally Mallinckrodt) in St. Charles County, Missouri. Therefore, we had to seek alternative evidence to properly verify their employment within the program guidelines.

In response, we had our client submit certificates of safety classes that they had attended at the Weldon Springs Plant. In addition, they included an employee group photo that was taken at the facility.  This was not enough evidence for the Department of Labor (DOL) to confirm that the employee was working on-site.

Therefore, our firm filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request through the DOE. After that, we requested a copy of a contract for remediation work performed by ATG at the Weldon Springs Plant (formally Mallinckrodt).  As a result, the DOE sent us a copy of a subcontract between Allied Technology Group (ATG) and Morrison Knudsen Corporation Group/MK Ferguson Group for work performed in the mid-1990s.

After submission of the contract below, the DOL accepted our client’s employment. Therefore, this contract may be helpful to other employees of Allied Technology Group (ATG) that need to verify employment at the Weldon Spring Plant: ATG contract for work at Weldon Spring Plant (redacted)

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