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PFAS Contamination at Alameda Naval Base, California

PFAS Contamination at Alameda Naval Base groundwater endangered the health of military personnel, civilians, and their families currently or previously living there. The costs of managing PFAS contamination at the former air station have so far exceeded 600 million dollars. Before 1974, the Base dumped untreated industrial wastewater in the Seaplane Lagoon and the Oakland […]

PFAS Contamination at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base (WPAFB), Ohio

Victims of PFAS Contamination at Wright-Patterson are filing lawsuits against the toxic AFFF manufacturing companies. Stephens and Stephens LLP are investigating airforce water contamination cases countywide on a contingency basis. Reach out to us for a free case evaluation. Per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) are a group of synthetic chemicals used for different industrial purposes, including […]

PFAS Contamination at Fort Leavenworth Army Base, Kansas Drinking Water

2016 testing of PFAS Contamination at Fort Leavenworth Army Base, Kansas, drinking water supply wells indicated very high combined PFAS results, with two wells testing 649 and 159 ppt. During the 2016 sampling, the treated drinking water at the installation had a combined PFOA/PFOS of 98ppt. 2019 sampling data from drinking water well PWW-08 established […]

Joint Base Langley-Eustis, Virginia PFAS Contamination

Langley and Eustis military bases were joined in 2010. Joint Base Langley-Eustis Virginia PFAS Contamination tests done in 2018 by the Environmental Working Group (EGW) at the Langley Base groundwater indicated one of the highest combined PFOA and PFOS of 2,225,000 ppt. The Base groundwater also tested positive for another PFAS, Perfluorobutane sulfonate (PFBS). in 2017, […]

PFAS Contamination at China Lake Naval Base, California

China Lake Naval Base PFAS contamination testing involving the sampling of 11 groundwater wells established that the groundwater at the Base was the most contaminated in history. According to a 2017 EPA report, seven wells tested positive for PFOA and PFOS ranging from 3,800 – 8,000,000ppt. PFAS (per and poly-fluoroalkyl substances) are a group of […]

PFAS Contamination at Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton, California

PFAS Contamination at Camp Pendleton, California, presents one of the worst cases in the country. In 2017, a drinking water well (Well 330925) at the Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton tested for PFAS of 820 ppt. Other PFAS detected during the analysis include PFBS, PFHpA, PFHxA, PFHxS, and PFNA. One hundred sixty-two samples tested positive […]

Joint Base Lewis McChord PFAS Contamination in Drinking Water

Joint Base Lewis McChord PFAS Contamination was among the highest in the country. The contamination resulted from the use of AFFF during training, spills, and emergency response activities. These chemicals leached through the soil to groundwater in wells that the military, their families, and other workers use for drinking, among other uses. Military installations have […]

Fort Bragg/Fort Liberty PFAS Contamination

Fort Liberty, the former Fort Bragg, is one of the US military installations whose drinking water was contaminated with PFAS from AFFF. During the March 2023 quarterly Fort Liberty PFAS Contamination analysis, the Army reported combined PFOS and PFOA results of 12.3 parts per trillion (ppt) in drinking water. These PFAS levels are higher than […]

Former England Air Force Base, Louisiana PFAS Drinking Water Contamination

2016 groundwater sampling at the Former England Air Force Base Louisiana revealed PFAS levels of 20,700,000ppt. The former England Air Force Base, Louisiana PFAS Drinking Water Contamination reports showed the presence of PFHxS PFOS, PFOA, PFBS, PFHpA, and PFNA. This contamination resulted from the PFAS-based AFFF used at the former Base to put out fires […]